The AeroPress is a great coffee brewer and can be used at home or on the go. It’s simple to use, travel friendly and produces a well rounded, smooth cup of coffee.


Originating from Milan, Anfim coffee grinders are some of the best in the business. Reliable, quick and easy to function they'll not disappoint.


Three Ridings Coffee has a wide range of beverages for all your coffee shop needs. Fresh Coffee Beans, Teas of every type, Hot chocolate and mixes for any speciality drink.


Not to be overlooked if you're going to be using a large amount of hot water. A good quality water boiler takes the pressure off your coffee machine to keep it performing at an optimum level.


The cafetiere is a well known traditional, classic immersion brewer perfect
for brewing coffee for larger groups of people. Cafetieres are also known as a French Press.

Coffee Brewers

Enjoy your favourite Three Ridings Coffee from the comfort of your own home.

Explore our range of high-quality home-coffee brewers, from classic Italian style stovetop moka pots to cafetieres and pour over brewers.

Coffee Machines

A selection of some of the best coffee machines for both functionality and value on the market. Based in Yorkshire Three Ridings provide a wholesale service for existing coffee shops looking to improve or replace an existing machines or new stores looking to make their first steps in the Coffee industry that need a helping hand. 

We offer an array of payment methods and terms to make getting your new machine as smooth as possible.


Made in England, Fracino are known for their simple, no-nonsense approach to coffee machines. They're relatively cheap, easy to repair and do a job for thousands of coffee shop owners throughout the country.

Home Coffee Brewing

Enjoy your favourite Three Ridings Coffee from the comfort of your own home.

Explore our range of high-quality home-coffee brewing equipment, from coffee grinders to classic Italian style stovetop coffee makers, everything you need to enhance your home coffee experience.

Home Coffee Grinders

A collection of coffee grinders for use at home. Freshly ground coffee is the best coffee there's no doubt about it.

Hot Chocolate

Providing a quality product is always at the heart of what we do and our hot chocolate range is no different. Made with real chocolate and quality process those sweet tooth customers won't be disappointed.


A range of kettles to perfect your coffee brewing technique at home to get the most out of your coffee experience.

Milk Frothing Jugs

Shop the range of milk frothing jugs to create perfectly silky milk adorned with crispy cream latte art creations.

Moka Pot

Make coffee the way the Italians do. A Moka pot is a quick and simple way to brew espresso style coffee at home with very little effort.

Personalised Coffee

Our personalised coffee gifts are an extra special treat for the coffee fanatic in your life.
Chose any of the coffees from our amazing range, add a bespoke message to the label, we can then ship it directly to your coffee gift receiver.
All coffees are available whole bean or ground fresh for any brew method and can even be bundled together with one of our home coffee brewers such as a cafetiere or moka pot.

Pour Over

A collection of pour over coffee brewers including Hario's very own V60 coffee brewer and porcelain offerings from Kinto, Japan.

Pour over coffee brewers are a simple and efficient way to create beautiful coffees at home or on the go.

Puq Press

The next step in coffee consistency is what Puq Press is all about. They make sure every single tamp is to a set pressure, taking one variable out of the coffee-making process. It doesn't tamp tea unfortunately.


Every coffee shop needs supplies. So whether it's packaging, barista tools or napkins. This is your one stop stop to keep you going.


We stock a wide range of Teas from places around the world. As we're from Yorkshire it's something that has to be done right. We might love coffee but Tea is a close second.

Travel Mugs

A selection of quality travel mugs enabling you to keep your favourite drinks hot or cold whilst on the go.


As seen in all good coffee shops, the V60 coffee brewer from Hario is easy to use and produces a clean and consistent brew - time and time again.

Water Filters

No Coffee machine should be installed without a water filter. They're so important to maintaining your machine and the taste of your coffee. If you're unsure as to the size you need please get in touch and we'll walk you through it.

Wholesale Coffee

Shop our range of stunning coffees, all handcrafted in Yorkshire and available in wholesale quantities - a fantastic addition to your business.