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A Mouse's Tale takes its name from the shape we aim to see when properly extracting espresso. It's our house-roast espresso blend that's handcrafted in Yorkshire and features coffees from three different origins, each of...
Two Can Dance takes inspiration from the famous and frolicsome birds that inhabit Brazil - the country where this coffee is grown. This coffee is a medium roast, Brazil (natural) 17/18, NY2/3, SSFC and boasts tastes...
Little Red Riding Hood is our full-bodied Brazilian coffee, with a dark and alluring "edge". This coffee is a dark roast Brazil (natural) 17/18, NY2/3, SSFC and boasts tastes of dark chocolate, nuts and a hint...
A Flightless Bird is our decaf offering that won't "give you wings" but will, give you plenty of flavours. We have ground this coffee ready to be used for espresso - a simple and cost-effective way...
 "Jumping for Gold" A single-origin, Colombian coffee, that's inspired by the magnificent Golden Dart Frogs which leap from tree to tree amongst the diverse rainforests of the pacific coast.This coffee is a high grown Arabica,...
The perfect accompaniment to coffee, speculoos biscuits are everywhere, and we’ve incorporated this distinctive taste into a syrup.   Sweetbird Speculoos syrup is inspired by the traditional Dutch Speculaas biscuits. Traditionally baked for St Nicholas’...
A good cause for coffee. We love to work with local charities and the Scarborough Sea Life Centre were kind enough to work alongside us when creating "A Turtles Rescue". This coffee not only tastes...
The Chalet - Espresso Blend Coffee Beans
1kg case
  "The Chalet" is our bright and bold espresso blend that's perfect for sipping coffee by the seaside come rain or shine. We took inspiration for this one from our humble seaside hometown of Bridlington...
Digital weighing scales for weighing out espresso shots. Use these alongside a shot timer to ensure your grinder and coffee machine are dialled-in properly.
A flat rubber coffee tamping mat. Use this on your countertop to protect your surfaces when tamping the coffee.
Yagua Compact Bench Scales/Portafilter Scales
Large stainless steel platform, four easy to use function buttons and a green backlit display for a clear viewProduct features• Capacity: 2000g with overload protection• Accuracy: 0.1g• Units of Measure: G/OZ/OZT/DWT/CT/GN• Platform build: stainless steel•...
Premium Shower Screen Cleaning Brush
£4.99 £8.99
Angled brush for cleaning shower screens and other machine parts.
Digital Espresso Shot Timer
Use this digital espresso shot timer alongside a shot weighing scales or shot measuring glasses to ensure your grinder and coffee machine are dialled-in properly
Fluted Corner Rubber Coffee Tamping Mat
A rubber coffee tamping mat with raised corner to sit on edge of the countertop. Use this on your countertop to protect your surfaces when tamping the coffee.
These espresso shot measuring glasses are used to dial in your coffee. Use these alongside a shot timer to ensure your coffee machine and grinder are correctly dialled in and properly extracting espresso shots. Two...
Small barista jug with marked/lined inner to show liquid quantities. These jugs are great for latte art on 10-12oz drinks.
This handy little thermometer sticker can be added to your barista jug to ensure the correct temperature is reached when frothing/texturing milk. The temperature scale begins to glow green within each square as it hits...
Other coffee makers drip hot water on to a bed of ground coffee which results in over extracting at the centre and under extracting the flavour from the edges. But the AeroPress brewing system results...
Hario's V60 is a world-recognised iconic coffee dripper. The revolutionary conical dripper helps your filter and brew coffee to exacting standards. The Plastic dripper is available in red and white, as well as transparent/clear plastic....
 Black Teflon Coated None Stick Barista Milk Jug 1Litre
Milk Jug Black Teflon Coated None Stick 625ml
 Black Teflon Coated None Stick Barista Milk Jug 625ml
Stainless Steel Barista Milk Jug 1litre
Stainless Steel Barista Milk Jug 600ml
Compostable Double Wall Takeaway Cups & Lids
500 500 500 white white black
PLA Biodegradable & Compostable Kraft Hot Drink Double Wall Paper Cups, manufactured from premium food grade cup stock, single PLA-coated, Ingeo paper coffee cups for hot drinks. Made for the Coffee to go Market. Available...
The Two Dukes - Seasonal Coffee Beans Blend
The Two Dukes is our high-end, seasonal espresso blend.Each season we team up two rather regal coffees, to deliver a cup that's certain to satisfy even the noblest of monarchs.This season's offering is a 60/40...
An Elephant's Crossing Ugandan Origin Coffee Beans
An Elephant's Crossing is a very special micro-lot coffee. It's grown in the picturesque, Rwenzori mountain region in Uganda where African elephants roam freely across the coffee plantation. This coffee is processed by a small...
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