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Easy to use brew scale with a timer that works independently of the scale. The dual display allows users to view weight and time simultaneously, making it easy to experiment with brewing recipes and improve...
Hario V60 Range Server for 02 V60 - Serve Flavorful Coffee in Style The Hario range server is also called a microwave server because it is microwave-friendly. It can be used as part of V60...
The BRAZIL coffee maker incorporates the BODUM® motto beautifully: good design doesn't have to be expensive. After all, we want to give everybody a chance to brew an excellent cup of coffee in a green...
Digital weighing scales for weighing out espresso shots. Use these alongside a shot timer to ensure your grinder and coffee machine are dialled-in properly.
A flat rubber coffee tamping mat. Use this on your countertop to protect your surfaces when tamping the coffee.
Yagua Compact Bench Scales/Portafilter Scales
Large stainless steel platform, four easy to use function buttons and a green backlit display for a clear viewProduct features• Capacity: 2000g with overload protection• Accuracy: 0.1g• Units of Measure: G/OZ/OZT/DWT/CT/GN• Platform build: stainless steel•...
Premium Shower Screen Cleaning Brush
£4.99 £8.99
Angled brush for cleaning shower screens and other machine parts.
Digital Espresso Shot Timer
Use this digital espresso shot timer alongside a shot weighing scales or shot measuring glasses to ensure your grinder and coffee machine are dialled-in properly
Fluted Corner Rubber Coffee Tamping Mat
A rubber coffee tamping mat with raised corner to sit on edge of the countertop. Use this on your countertop to protect your surfaces when tamping the coffee.
These espresso shot measuring glasses are used to dial in your coffee. Use these alongside a shot timer to ensure your coffee machine and grinder are correctly dialled in and properly extracting espresso shots. Two...
Small barista jug with marked/lined inner to show liquid quantities. These jugs are great for latte art on 10-12oz drinks.
This handy little thermometer sticker can be added to your barista jug to ensure the correct temperature is reached when frothing/texturing milk. The temperature scale begins to glow green within each square as it hits...
Other coffee makers drip hot water on to a bed of ground coffee which results in over extracting at the centre and under extracting the flavour from the edges. But the AeroPress brewing system results...
Hario's V60 is a world-recognised iconic coffee dripper. The revolutionary conical dripper helps your filter and brew coffee to exacting standards. The Plastic dripper is available in red and white, as well as transparent/clear plastic....
Water filter 18Litre for units with three groups.
Water filter 10Litre for units with two groups.
Water filter 5Litre for units with one group.
 Black Teflon Coated None Stick Barista Milk Jug 1Litre
Milk Jug Black Teflon Coated None Stick 625ml
 Black Teflon Coated None Stick Barista Milk Jug 625ml
Stainless Steel Barista Milk Jug 1litre
Stainless Steel Barista Milk Jug 600ml
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