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Our very own Three Ridings Hot Chocolate, this one is a classic hot chocolate drink that's smooth and sweet. A true regal reward. "A Knight's Cup" comes in a 2kg tin and is simple and...
Our very own Three Ridings White Hot Chocolate, this one is a sweet and milky white chocolate drink, a taste that's sure to take you back.  "Sweet Talking" comes in a 2kg tin and is simple...
Our very own Three Ridings Dark Hot Chocolate, this one is a luxurious dark hot chocolate made with 35% cocoa for an intense chocolate taste.  "Into The Woods" comes in a 2kg tin and is...
Zuma White Hot Chocolate might not be chocolate (as we know it), but it’s equally satisfying. It’s made with a blend of cocoa butter and milk powders – not cocoa solids, which make chocolate brown,...
Zuma 33% Fairtrade Dark Hot Chocolate
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Dark and smooth with the perfect bitter balance our Dark Hot Chocolate is made with 33% West African cocoa. It is also 100% Fairtrade which means we can guarantee the farmers and workers benefit from...
Zuma Original is our classic hot chocolate. It’s a blend of 25% West African cocoa and sugar, it's smooth and sweet – like a top-quality milk chocolate bar. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives Registered...
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